The log skidder for a snow mobile or an all-terrain vehicle

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The product has a utility model registration.

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The log skidder can be called also:
A skidding pulk or a skidding device, which is suitable for the skidding of windfall, saw logs, small tress and firewood from a thick forest, the pulling device can be a snow mobile, all-terrain vehicle or some other terrain vehicle, even a horse.
Drive the device next to the stem end of the log, the log can be rolled to the load with a minimum force, e.g. with the help of a felling lever or timber carriers. Attach the log with the chain that comes with the device. If the terrain is hilly, the attachment shall be made with a lashing strap.
If you have already driven a track beside the log, the moving is easier; a brisk pull ensures that you can move on. The plastic plates in the towing device prevent the device from getting caught in the uneven surface of the terrain. Even small trees and branches can be transported by the skidder.
The logs are easy to attach with the chain that comes with the device. The attachment shall be made with a lashing strap in an uneven terrain. The unloading of the logs to the load on the rollers is easier when you elevate the unloading location e.g. with stands.
The log skidder does not take a lot of space in storage and it can be transported to the site in the trunks of most cars. The collapsed dimensions are 90 x 100 x 15 cm. The weight with a towing coupling of a snowmobile approx. 28kg, with the towing coupling of an all-terrain vehicle approx. 30 kg. The towing of logs can be made also by an all-terrain vehicle as well as by a snowmobile from a thick forest.
The log skidder attached to the back of a track drive all-terrain vehicle which transports well heavier birch logs or more than one wooden electricity pylon. (The photo was taken in the Firewood days of the Forestry Centre in Toivala.) A ski track trail groomer can be also attached to the log skidder.