Fertilizer spreader

– Can be attached to the log cart of an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) or the trailer of a tractor.
– For forest, park, garden or golf course fertilization.
– Container capacity without additional sides 366 liters, with additional sides 712 liters (for a 650-kg big bag).
– The direction and the amount of the fertilizer can be adjusted while driving by the remote control that is attached to the ATV rack. The spread width can be 15 m to the right, 5 m to both sides, or anything in between. This enables fertilization even in difficult terrain patterns.
– Spreading efficiency example: Yara’s forest fertilizer NP1, 600 kg/ha on one drive = approximately 30 min + loading time.
– Spreading efficiency example: Ecolan Bio 2000, 1000 kg/ha on one drive = approximately 30 min + loading time.
– Also tested with the new BT300 Boron ash fertilizer by Ecolan Oy, grain size 10 mm, which can also be spread over snow in the winter.
– Power source is economical gasoline-fuelled internal combustion engine.
– Can be modified to hydraulic operation.
– Compatible with common ATV log carts (frame width of the fertilizer 550 mm).
– CE-approved.
– Patented.

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