The honorable mentions of the North Carelia province INNOSUOMI 2009 competitions on 24th November 2009

The name of the competition entry: Log skidder (Skidding pulk)
Company: HT-tuote / Heikki Tuononen
Contact person: Heikki Tuononen

The log skidder suits for the transportation of windfall, saw logs or firewood from a thick forest. The pulling device can be a snow mobile, all-terrain vehicle or some other small terrain vehicle or even a horse. The skidder is suitable for especially small places and for transport of individual logs.

Arguments: Special attention has been paid for the usability and ergonomics of the device in the design and implementation. The commercialization of the device was made on short notice and the first sample lot of 20 devices has been sold. A marketing contract has been signed with a marketing company. The product has a Finnish utility model registration.