Route drag and graders

HT-tuote® LH50 -grader

HT-tuote® LH50 -grader is suitable for those of you who practice traditional skiing. The distance of the rails can be changed, so a suitably wide rail is available for smaller as well as bigger skiers

HT-tuote® RL90/130 -route drag

HT-tuote® RL90/130 - with the route drag, you can prepare snow walking routes, routes for ice skating or traditional skiing. The distance of the ski rails can be changed, so a suitable wide ski is available for both smaller and bigger skiers.

HT-tuote® RL135 KTLH -route drag

HT-tuote® RL135KTLH -with the route drag, you can prepare snow walking routes, routes for ice skating or traditional skiing and, for example, a track for trail-biking. Equipped with a rubber blade, thanks to which it can also be used in areas with little snow.

Pultek® RL140/KT/LH/KTLH -route drag

The Pultek® RL140 route drag is Renovomet Oy's solution for professional routing. The trail roller moves snow along the route, especially into the pits. oute drag has been produced for 20 years. Customers include e.g. forest administration, Border Guard, village associations and sledding clubs all over Finland.

NEW 2023! RenovoTrail™900 -plow

A new product developed in cooperation with entities managing winter outdoor routes, especially for creating, renovating and maintaining winter cycling routes.

Logging trailer

HT-tuote® JR750 -logging sled

HT-tuote® JR750 With logging sled you haul both a smaller and a larger log! Excellent, for example, for hauling electricity poles or windbreaks. You just fasten the chain around the frame and pull! Thanks to the sturdy and flexible frame, the sled avoids trees and crosses stumps, so the driver does not have to be afraid of a sudden stop! The sled is intended to be pulled by a snowmobile in winter. Check out the summer version next to it!

HT-tuote® JK750 -logging trailer

HT-tuote® JK750 Logging trailer is the summer version of the logging sled, i.e. completely the same device but with wheels and a ball coupling. Thanks to the combination of front trolley + rear trolley, you can haul for example saw logs. With the double trolley combination, the wood to be hauled is not in contact with the ground, so the frame does not collect sand and you don't have to worry about the saw chain becoming dull. The handle of the cart could be extended, in which case the tractor can be, for example, an all-terrain vehicle.

HT-tuote® PVL750 -log skidder

Log skidder is suitable for hauling windfalls, sawn timber, pulpwood and firewood frames. Features at their best in a dense forest. The towing machine can be a snowmobile, an all-terrain vehicle or another off-road vehicle. Designed for snowy conditions but also suitable for thawed ground. 

fertilizer spreader

HT-tuote® FS712T/Hybrid -Fertilizer

Have you planned to fertilize fields, forest or strawberry land with ash, but you don't have a spreader suitable for ash? With the FS712T/Hybrid centrifugal spreader, you can spread both chemical fertilizer and ash! Attachment to the tractor with a three-point attachment, fill the silo and go!

HT-tuote® FS366/712ATV/Hybrid -fertilizer

The FS366/712ATV/Hybrid can be installed directly on the forest cart of the ATV. Alternatively, the spreader can also be installed on a ski or wheeled platform, in which case you only need a traction device, such as an ATV or snowmobile.

Route drag

HT-tuote® TLT150 -route drag

HT-tuote® TLT150M Route drag is an excellent tool for light class yard tractors. Drag can be used to level yard areas and fields and remove snow in winter. Drag has a simple and bombproof adjustment mechanism, which allows the plate to be tilted, straight or even completely turned around, which makes pushing backwards possible.

HT-tuote® TL150M/H

HT-tuote® TL150 Drag is a "must have" accessory for ATV riders who have a log cart or similar. The drag is installed on the bottom of the cart, either on the bow as a base blade or on the back as a drag. Lifting and lowering can be done mechanically with levers or a hydraulic cylinder. The perfect device for frost-damaged roads!

RenovoTrail™ TLT1800M -tail plate

High-quality domestic tail plate for a small tractor. Handy tail plate designed for leveling the ground and paving the road with small tractors. This robust accessory increases the versatility of your tractor. Also suitable for shoveling snow and, for example, plowing a cottage road.

Feeding device

HT-tuote® PRL274 -feeding device

Have you ever wondered how to keep your pasture feeding area green? The disadvantage of local feeding points is siltation of the soil and the destruction of vegetation. We have this solution! As the name suggests, the PRL274 reindeer feeder is not only intended for reindeer, but also for e.g. sheep, cows or even horses. You just connect the feeding device to the back of the snowmobile or ATV and dispense portions of the right size for the pasture. The animals get exercise and the pasture stays greener!


HT-tuote® KK50 -front hook for ATV

- front hook hook facilitates, for example, a log cart, etc. moving to an awkward or cramped place. The hook fits directly on Polaris Sportsman and CFMoto C-Force models with a winch on the bow. Ask about compatibility with other models as well!

ATV hydraulic

A compact hydraulic jack for an ATV, which can be installed, for example, on the side of a log cart or a hydraulically tipping cart.

The page was updated on 15 November 2023

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